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New foam-filled, bonded-leather 14" wristrests, $7.39 shipped

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--- Quote from: Elrick on Sat, 09 January 2016, 03:33:23 ---For what it's worth if you love it then why would you care about anyone's opinion here on Geekhack? ... Just please yourself and forget about getting any kudos or back pats from this dismal place.  Only use this place to purchase items and nothing more, that way you'll keep your sanity and spend more time with the people that matter in your life.

--- End quote ---

:?D  Oh well, I guess I'm just naively helpful.

My eyes got wide when I saw 37x8.2x2.5 then I saw cm instead of in. Oh my American mind ;)

Hey guys,

I realize I may simply be inviting more of your geekly skepticism (LOL)óbut as these are still available, I just thought I'd post this follow-up:

I've been using this wrist rest daily for a couple of weeks now, and it's every bit as comfortable and new-looking as when it arrived. It's easily the nicest rest I've ever had, and I've had quite a few. It also happens to have been the least expensive (but then, I didn't order any of my previous ones directly from the East like this one).

I have no financial interest in the sale of these; I just wanted to share with y'all what I considered a good thing. Cheers!

It's me again... Okay, I've really tested this now! I've used it for three months, 2Ė3 hours every day, and it looks and feels exactly as it did when it arrived. There's not hint of wear, and the foam is just as resilient and comfortable.

I also just noticed this in the description (my italics):

--- Quote ---A heavy steel base with a rubber coated cloth covering provides stability and just the right amount of traction...
--- End quote ---

That accounts for the extra weight. This thing is hefty. I can't help thinking of when they used to put steel plates in keyboards.  :?)

I see the seller still has a couple left, so I just thought I'd post this follow-up. I'll stop bothering you now.


--- Quote from: jaffers on Sat, 09 January 2016, 03:16:12 ---No, PU doesn't smell like anything except plastic and it falls apart quite quickly, even faster in an area of use like a wristrest...

--- End quote ---

Yes, this is an old thread nowóbut that's the point!

I just wanted to mention that my "fall apart quickly" (LOL) wrist rest is still going strong nearly 2 years later. I was going to post another photo, but frankly it doesn't look much different from when it arrived.

Hence I'm recommending these even more highly, now that I know how well they hold up. Similar deals are still available.  :thumb:


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