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[IC] S20 - A 5x4 FR4 Sandwich MacroPad/NumberPad
« on: Sun, 16 May 2021, 02:53:03 »
S20 - A 5x4 FR4 Sandwich MacroPad/NumberPad 


Google Form for IC 

If there is anything that you would like to say about this project, or if you would like to let me know that you are interested, please fill out the IC form so I can gauge the next steps for this project! 


In my journey to find the perfect layout for a keyboard, for me at least, I found that 65% keyboards suited my needs the best. In my line of work, designing circuit boards and doing 3D modeling, sometimes I missed having a number pad. I was not too fond of getting a full-sized board as I would have had to constantly exchange between the number pad and my mouse - I am a righty. This is when I came across southpaw keyboards and their limited availability on the market. 
I figured, why not just design my own number pad to use with my non-southpaw boards. Thus, I designed the S20 board for my own personal use. Since then, my coworkers have gotten a glimpse of what I was doing and were interested in my designs. So why not share it with as many peoples as possible. 
I set out to fix up the design to make it production-ready, and now here we are… 
Welcome to my IC!

S20 “Case” Specs: 
(Yes, I know it isn’t much of a case, but it works!)

• Color: Matte Black Solder Mask for top and bottom FR4 plates
• Plate: FR4 Switch Plate with Universal Switch Cutouts (I am deciding whether or not to offer a 1U plate option as well. 1U and Universal Plate files will be available after GB, hopefully before delivery for your convenience)
• Hardware: 4 x M3 Brass Standoffs and 8 x M3 Screws
• Width: ~100mm
• Length: ~115mm
• Height: ~20mm (with 3M Bumpon) (without switches, keycaps, and stabilizers)
• Typing Angle without Aluminum Feet: 0°
• Typing Angle with Aluminum Feet (not included): 4° (measurement based on the KBDfans CNC aluminum feet)
• Feet: 4 - 3M Bumpon Feet Included. Mounting holes in the bottom FR4 plate support CNC Aluminum Feet (not included)

S20 PCB Specs: 

• ATmega32u4 MCU
• QMK Compatible
• USB-C Interface
• ESD Protection
• Solder Only & 5-Pin Switch Compatible
• 4 Individually Addressable LED for accent lighting
• Color: Black solder mask for PCB. I decided not to go with a matte solder mask here so that the cleanup process after you solder your switches is as simple as possible. Also, this board is barely visible after assembly

Supported Layouts: 


Pricing and GB Format: 

~$70 for a kit shipped CONUS only - does not include switches, keycaps, or stabilizers 

What is included: 
• Top FR4 Plate (This is also the Switch Plate)
• Bottom FR4 Plate
• S20 PCB
• 4 x M3 Brass Standoff
• 8 x M3 Screw
• 4 x 3M Bumpon
Limits: 1 per person/2 per address 
MOQ: 30 
Max Units: 100 
Google Form + PayPal Invoice 
Entry Form will be open for 3 weeks, but can close earlier if we reach over 100 entries. FCFS. You will have 48 hours from the time you get your invoice to pay the invoice before I send the invoice to someone else.


1. GB Start: Estimating beginning of June - TBD
2. GB Invoice Period: 1 week
3. GB Fulfillment Period: ~3 Months


Since I originally designed the S20 for myself, I have added a programming header so that production is a lot earlier when it comes time to flash the firmware onto the MCU and I have changed the USB connector to a USB Type C connector as it is the way. 
I have built a few of these by hand and have distributed them to people around me to get some feedback. These are functional and I am content with their performance! 
I have also placed a small batch order of assembled PCB from my manufacturer to verify that they can assemble these boards when it comes to the production run of assemblies. I have verified the PCBA that were sent to me and I am content with the results.

Some More Images: 





Thanks for taking the time to check out my IC post!

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Re: [IC] S20 - A 5x4 FR4 Sandwich MacroPad/NumberPad
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 16 May 2021, 02:53:58 »
If you are interested, I would appreciate it if you could fill out the IC form! 
This helps me gauge how to proceed
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Re: [IC] S20 - A 5x4 FR4 Sandwich MacroPad/NumberPad
« Reply #2 on: Sun, 16 May 2021, 19:37:25 »
Looks awesome! I don't really have anything to add, but I'll definitely be picking one up!