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Antivax ?

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--- Quote from: Leslieann on Mon, 17 January 2022, 08:45:07 ---
--- Quote from: noisyturtle on Mon, 17 January 2022, 02:21:41 ---Lot of people at work complaining about COVID-like symptoms, but without any fever.

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Only something like 40% of people with Covid have a fever (I didn't).

There is no single universal symptom.

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HypochondriP4 had a super fever on shot 2 moderna.   Gon' get booster soonish..

Compassion for antivaxxers... ??


1980s, Kenneth Doka, a senior vice president of grief programs for the Hospice Foundation of America and the author of Grief Is a Journey and other books on dying, coined the phrase “disenfranchised grief.”

“We see disenfranchised grief when a living loved one doesn’t feel they can fully grieve because of the societal taboos around a loved one’s death,” Doka told me. “We see this when the victim is perceived to have had a role in their death, like we saw during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but also with other things, like suicides, drug overdoses, and certain diseases.”

Lung cancer is a classic example—one study found that people were more likely to ascribe blame to lung-cancer patients who smoked than those who didn’t. “I think the same thing is happening with COVID,” Doka said. “But now, instead of asking if the person smoked, we’re asking if they were vaccinated.”

While the lack of grief may be due to perceived taboos the reasons for those taboos are very much NOT the same.

We have no easy fix for ANY of those other things mentioned, regardless of contributing factors,  if we did have a two injection cure for them people would be lined up around the block and yet that's exactly what we have for Covid and these people chose not to.

It is NOT the same.

Not saying it's the same LLan,  only pointing out that the problem runs deeper.

At the end point, any 1 person can not pay a price higher than "Death." 

Sure he's incurred debt, thrown upon the "rest of society",  but once an antivaxxer dies, it's an equitable exchange.

It may be prudent at that point to find it in "ourselves" to forgive and look towards solving the true cause of ignorance (socio-economic gap// hedonic hijacking), rather than ruminate on blame.

Society can abhor antivaxxers, but the bulk of their ignorance is the product of misappropriated time-wealth rather than true-evil.

No One Chooses to be a moron.  Antivaxxers are born into a set of conditions and they don't cross the line intellectually.

I am again reminded that even people who are not anti vaxx still will almost always show up for work and work their full shift even when they feel "on death's door" because they need the money. So really being sick, knowing you are sick, and still coming into work and that being totally accepted by everyone else is totally fine. Nothing has changed at all. It pissed me off pre-COVID, and pisses me off now. People clearly do not care one iota about anyone but themselves, no matter what their scientific or political views may be. You have to actually force people to get tested and stay quarantined, if anything we need more gestapo-style rules, because some people are too thick and selfish to give a damn otherwise. I'll gladly inconvenience myself and sacrifice some liberties if it means everyone else will be forced to comply. Thing is, almost no one else is willing to, even when the company covers their sick days off under quarantine. All they need to do is test positive and they get paid not to come in and make everyone else sick. And they still choose not getting tested. I give up. There is literally nothing I can do to prevent getting sick.


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