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Facebook whistleblower Testimony

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THoughts ?

Y'all watchn'dis ?

Hang on, so if they're saying young people depression is amplified BY facebook algorithms.  Well how the heck would they make that claim when there isn't a baseline of depression.

So, lets say a person is m0ar sad after using facebook.

This same person, interacting with SOME other aspect of living, could just as easily become equivalently sad.

They blame FB for it "Today",  but you could just as easily blame a broken staircase for having fell.

The engagement is then only a matter of exposure,  more FB,  less staircases,   If you reduce FB sadness,  the staircase sadness would increase.


Will say this,   This lady is extremely eloquent/ well prepared.  I mean she is highly educated/ ivy league. so not surprising. but  it's refreshing to see   next to  idiotic stuff like cruz and drumph

wth guys, these senators are n00bers, they clearly have no idea what they're talking about, you can tell they don't even understand the answers given to them in the testimony.  Or perhaps this is just a washington show trial to reign in commercial powers.

Having every fun thing anyone you met once shown to you daily would be depressing enough, having your phone beep at you randomly at any time to do the same would surely be hell.

* suicidal_orange actually looks up what this whistleblowing is about
Hmm... seems to be as much about calling for more censorship so morons are protected from misinformation.  I'm not going to comment on that.


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