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Looking for a Layperson's Guide to Editing Dactyl Clojure

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I'd like to make my own iterations on the Dactyl (specifically the Ex-Dacty fork which adds an extra inner column However I am not a programmer and I cannot make heads or tails of the Dactyl Clojure code, or any other kind of computer code for that matter. Has anyone written a guide for people like me that explains what all the different parts of the code do and how to edit them? It's frustrating that the Dactyl has so much potential for customization that is completely inaccessible to non-programmers.

Right now the main changes I'd like to make to the Ex-Dactyl are changing the switch holes from MX to Alps/Matias, tilting it backwards to match the basic Dactyl's neutral tilt (the Ex-Dactyl was has a positive tilt) and making it a single-piece case like the Dactyl-Manuform (it currently is a 2-piece case). But I may also want to play around with things like column and row curvature, thumb cluster angle, switch hole orientation. And I'd like to know what other modifications are possible with it.

Check out this configurator. Should get you close to what you want. Has pop downs for most variables.

I have played with that in the past but it doesn't allow an inner column for the standard Dactyl, only the Dactyl-Manuform.

ahhhh.... got it now....
you want the original dactyl. but in a 5x7 configuration....

on that site, they call it the lightcycle


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