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To Switch or Not To Switch

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Since Metroid Dread was released for the Nintendo Switch Friday, I have been tempted to buy the console finally; however, I found out that a refresh, the Switch OLED model, was released on the same day (although impossible to find). I found ample Switch Lite consoles when shopping Friday, but I found only three regular Switches, and no Switch OLED models.

* Is it worth buying any version of the Switch? Is it worth trying to find the OLED model?
* People often point to Zelda games as a reason to buy a Nintendo console, but I frankly don't care for Zelda. I liked the original for the NES and Link's Awakening on the Game Boy, but I have got stuck on every other Zelda game I've played (Minish Cap, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time). Mario games are another supposed killer app, but I view Mario games as fun but mindless time wasters, not something to be excited about.
* There are Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Sword and Shield, which piqued my interest, but the last Pokemon game I played was Sapphire version in 2003. My interest in Pokemon stopped at a fairly young age.
* Every other game seems to be a port from the Wii U or HD remaster from the Gamecube or Wii, or something available on other consoles/PC.
* How is Nintendo Labo? Is all that stuff compatible only with the original Switch, given the slight change in physical dimensions? Is it even fun?
Ultimately, if Metroid Prime 4 were confirmed for the Switch, that might be enough to make this a definite purchase, but, since development started over from scratch, I think there's a high chance it won't be available until the next generation. My main qualm with Nintendo consoles is that I always find the hardware fascinating and really want to like it, but then I'm disappointed by the lack of games; this has been my experience with the DS Lite, N3DS XL, Wii, and Wii U. Each of those systems had only two or three games I actually liked.

Nintendo's marketing strategy of making its products scarce worked on me. I went to Wal-mart to buy a few groceries and saw six white Switch OLED models that had been put on the shelf a mere hour before according to the employee who opened the case for me. Considering myself lucky to have found any, I purchased one and a copy of Metroid Dread. So far I am enjoying them. I got one for a friend who had been looking for one also, so double score.

I don't have an original Switch for comparison, but the OLED screen looks very nice - deep blacks and good contrast. Metroid actually looks better on the Switch screen than it does on my computer monitor. 

Edit: It looks good on my monitor after changing a display setting on the Switch.

Shapey Fiend:
There aren't many consoles with libraries as broad as the DS, 3DS and Wii so if you couldn't find something to play on those you probably would find the Switch a let down.

I just looked at that Metroid Dread game - it looks fantastic. I would love to play it, but dont know about buying console for it.
Maybe PC emulator would be solution...

I know I'm 100% picking up an OLED Switch as soon as they are in stock at my local game store. Sure I could order one off Amazon today, but I aint supporting those bastards when I can support my local brick and mortar. I own 15 Switch games and no Switch, so it's starting to get weird not having one.

Switch is a great system, and in my opinion the only console worth owning right now. PC delivers better performance, and basically the same library as Xbox and PS. Nintendo is the only company that offers exclusives not playable elsewhere.


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