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Is it possible to add an em dash () on a TKL?


Hi all,

As the title suggests, I frequently used the en dash () and em dash () on my full sized keyboards. Now that I have a KBDFans KBD8x mkii, I am realizing that you can not use any of those keys cleanly. Most forums suggest third-party software and to apply a hot key. Can't I simply use QMK to add such a shortcut to my keyboard? Wondering if any of you have an elegant solution.

Thanks in advance!

F eq ma:
Most likely you will need to enable unicode and use the correct code point.

There was a similar question at and at

I have the Compose key mapped on the "Menu" key, and press by inputting the sequence Compose - - -

That is what I would recommend. It is very useful for typing all sorts of characters: ⇒ ♥ .
The Compose key has to be enabled in the operating system. Unixes and Linux distros tend to support it by default. Windows might need a utility installed. Dunno about Mac.

Because I'm European I use the Alt Gr key also for special characters. I think that for keyboards without a Menu key, it would make sense so map both Alt Gr and Compose on that same key: Compose when tapped, Alt Gr when held.


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