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Is concavity worth it? (featuring Dactyl Manuform)

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I currently own Kinesis Freestyle 2 and I feel like I am ready to advance in the ergonomics and just like the idea of thumb clusters. I'm pretty sure here.
But I am not sure about concavity. Is it really worth it? Does it improve ergonomics? I'm asking especially because from what I have found, there is just few options:
- Kinesis Advantage 2 - I don't like the fixed split
- Kinesis Advantage 360 - I know about this one, pre-ordering will start at the end of December, but I believe they won't ship outside US, so I won't be able to get one
- Dactyl / Dactyl Manuform - it's pretty hard to get one prebuilt, especially Dactyl
- Scylla - I guess this one is also hard to get

With Advantage 2 and Dactyl / Dactyl Manuform I am also worried about the reach for the thumb clusters (looks like the farthest one might be big of a stretch). This does not seem to be problem with Scylla, but again ... not sure if I can get it easily prebuilt.

So my questions are:
- Is concavity worth it?
- How are the thumb clusters on Dactyl?
- Is Scylla worth checking out?

I'm not too much into building it myself. I definitely want split, tent and columnar layout.

It is worth it.
There is also K80CS.

- Is concavity worth it? i guess, i used to like it but now i don't really care anymore.
- How are the thumb clusters on Dactyl? which one? the original dactyl uses an almost identical placement of kinesis advantage. the manuform variant, it will get tiring for the inner muscle of the thumb (can't remember the name) after a while.
- Is Scylla worth checking out? it's basically a dactyl manuform 5x6 mini. so, the choice is yours.

though it's worth noting that the point of the dactyl keyboards is the parametricity which you should check to really fit to your hands.

Worth mentioning that Lolligagger on this forum seems to have very nicely produced Dactyl Manuforms up for sale on a regular basis.

There is a generator for Dactyl STL files at but you really need to own your own 3D printer (or have access to one) to make good use of this. I went through maybe 5 iterations before finding a layout that I liked. And that wasn't even fiddling around with the more esoteric parameters like degree of concavity. There are also thumb cluster options.

Edit: And I have no other opinions on the Dactyl... after printing a bunch of case tests, I got sidetracked into other things and never built one :)


--- Quote from: iaji on Wed, 01 December 2021, 20:27:51 ---though it's worth noting that the point of the dactyl keyboards is the parametricity which you should check to really fit to your hands.

--- End quote ---

Not sure what you mean by 'parametricity'. Do you mean the different sizes (5x6, 6x6) or... ?


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