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Cantaloupe V2.0 ergo split keyboard


My next iteration of my personal split keyboard called the Cantaloupe. Key features include:

* Ergonomic 30-key layout including pinky stagger and arrow keys.
* On-board ARM STM32F4x1CxUx processor.
* MX switches with kailh hot-swap sockets.
* USB-C input and split connect ports with full ESD protection.
* 100% reversible design which means only a single board is needed for both sides.
* 0.96" 128x64 SSD1306 OLED support.
* Two rotary encoders supported above the thumb cluster, one on each side.
* Support for the Pimoroni trackball module is also available, replacing one rotary encoder slot.
* JTAG/SWD breakout header for an alternate means of programming the board.Design cues have been taken from the YAEMK for this version, including the in-build jumper pads in the OLED and Trackball footprints, the JTAG/SWD header and the ESD protection.



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