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[IC] Krush65 (Keyboard + Crush) Update: GB is open!!!

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Hello everyone, I'm Nuxroskb . It's been a while since I've been meaning to make a cheap keyboard.
Up to now, I have finally completed the design and also completed the board more carefully, so I would like to introduce to everyone a new project of mine. Krush65 (Keyboard+ Crush)
Despite being an affordable keyboard, there is no cutting corner in quality. It comes with Aluminium or Copper weight that can weight up to 1.7kg before build. The keyboard will support both top mount/o-ring mount with various color and weight options to choose from so you can customize your beloved keyboard to the heart content.IC FORM  DISCORD  INSTAGRAM

Typing angle: 7 deg
Front height: 19mm
Size: 315.3mm x 110.2mm
Copper weight unbuild: 1,7kg
Aluminum weight unbuild: 914g

Dual - Mounting
Support both Top mount and gummy O-ring mount

PCB layout Support
Hotswap: 6.25u/7u spacebar, step cap, split backspace
Solder: 6.25u/7u spacebar, split spacebar, step cap, split backspace, ISO

Plate options

Color & Weight options
Back/ Navy/Dark Green /Lilac/ Burgundy/ Silver/ PC/ Purple/ Grey/ Raw/ E-cream/ E-white


[Alexotos] [WeSwtch] [Lightning] [Keebaholics]



GB time: 4/30/2024

Vendor list:
US: Vala
EU: Keygem
UK: Prototypist
Thailand: PJ Aiglatson Studio
VN: Nuxroskb
CN: Kezewa
OCE: Allcaps
SG: K.techs
Indonesia: Kukey
JP: Basekey
PH: Zion Studios
MY: @liltip1104 (Discord)
Rest of the Word: Nuroskb

 *Contact Allcaps for vendoring


65% is probably the most populous segment at the moment - off the top of my head, a list of 65s that recently fulfilled or are due to fulfil soon: QK65 (two rounds), Zoom65 (two rounds and a V2), Jris65 (two rounds), Choice65, Cub65, Neo65, and Mode Envoy.

I appreciate that this uses more premium materials but you might struggle with making MOQ on this given that there are a lot of 65s out there you'd compete with and that I don't personally see a "gimmick" or niche for this to fulfil that's not already been fulfilled several times.

I don't want to discourage you or be overly critical but I think you'd either want to target an even lower price point or come up with something new to bring the market in order for this to succeed properly.

I like the big copper weight. My arbitrary evaluation of the price is that it's decent. But it is very competitive out there. There may not be a ton of people who like copper as much as me.

Design-wise, IMO, it is very interesting. Unfortunately, there is already a board that has a very similar design, in the 60% format, the Leviatan.
The price is very good, but I believe that is due to the fact that we are considering 700 MOQ, which I tend to agree with previous comments, is very difficult to achieve nowadays. 65% segment is full of good choices. Even with a good price, I believe the majority of folks that enjoy this design already move forward with Leviatan (I know it is a 60%, but still).
My recommendation is for you to explore other paths with a lower MOQ.
On my geek side, I would like to see more info about the PCB, if it uses a USB daughterboard, etc.
Good luck with the IC.


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