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The Newest Updated on 22/2/2024:
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TypeC port update:

A quick vote for the south paw interest collection, plz vote if u r willing to purchase a southpaw version and enjoy one of this layout. This vote will be vital for us to decide whether to make southpaw an option and which layout will be the final version.
Version 1:

Version 2:

Update 1 : Side plate fixing point removed.

Hello Everyone, here are MM Studio! Today I would like to bring our newest keyboard: Class 0413!

Are you a bit familiar with G80 0413? Which Cherry launched the classic MX Black in 1984 and put on.
We are deeply attracted by its unique proportions and perfect contrasting color design of the case. This is how we found our inspiration.
Considering the practicality of the keyboard, we finally present unique Class-0413 based on integrating 0413ís appearance with 0537ís AT layout.

1.Top case options:
WK, WKL and Arrow Key top cases are optional to reach different usersí preferences.
In addition considering desktop area and support capabilities, We donít completely retain the forehead and cover width of the original 0413,
just made slight adjustments and narrowed it slightly.

2 Weight & Badge:
Brass weight is completely filled with internal to optimize the sound of the cavity.
Brass badge with retro Rivet in the four corners, which is inspirited by vintage keyboard label.

3 Color Options:
There is no any special design, only by matching with case colors on the front.
Bottom case colors: Retro White (coated), Ano Black and Ano Silver
Top case colors: Retro Gray(coated), E-yellow(coated), Ano Silver, Ano Gray, Ano Dark Gold, Ano Sand, Ano brown and
extra 2 colors with the most votes then match for reference the PSD file(attached end of IC).

4. USB port & buzzer,solenoid
In order to authentically restore the original 0413 series, we hid the Type C daughter board inside and provide an extended USB cable for exiting from the right side,
Also we design a knob switch for buzzer and solenoid. Which makes retro flavor even more intense.
(According to the Discord community these inner port and knob design needs to be re-check and plz let us know your thinking by filling the IC form in the end of this post)

Internal Structure:
PCB with 1.6mm no flex cut: The Wired Hotswap PCB and Wired Soldered PCB are available.
Hotswap & Soldered Layout:(Both multilayout supported):

Mounts:PCB Gasket Mount(Plateless Supported) and Top mount.
Plates: PC, Alu, Copper and Brass are optional, not included in standard kit.

Keyboard info:
Alu Keyboard Case
Weight & Badge: Brass
Size: 460.1*171.2*39.7mm(L*W*H)
Typing angle: 7 degrees
Weight: 4.95kg (unbuilt)
Sale Way: Group Buy

Standard board kit(Without Plate):$360
PC & Alu : 30$
Copper & Brass : 50$

Extra HS/Soldering PCB: 25$
Extra Foam kit: 10$
Extra buzzer/solenoid: 10$
Extra accessories: 5$

IC form:

I'd honestly rather just have a standard USB port

No stepped caps support?

I'm one of the AT layout's biggest fans so it's great to see more AT customs. It's also nice to see a AT custom with some actual bezel on it like the IBM gods intended, shame there's no pen holder though.

Personally I'm not the biggest fan of how the fixed cable is implemented. While it coming out on the right side is directly inspired from the G80-0413 it's a major inconvenience in this day and age. I also don't know if a fixed cable is the best idea for a board that weighs 5kg, I don't want to imagine what would happen in a scenario where the board was only held up by the cable.

I also think the top mount mounting points really need to be reworked, mainly the side mounting points. The way it's currently setup would most likely feel very inconsistent, I imagine it would be so bad that I would only consider building this plateless gasket mount.

Despite those two grievances I have I'm still really looking forward to this and hope those issues can be ironed out before the GB is launched. It's always great to see more vint inspired customs and a 5KG board at this price is pretty hard to beat.

One other point of feedback real quick:
A complete picture of the back would be nice.

After filling out the IC I saw the part about whether or not to move the knob to the top case. I figured I would put my feedback here as well since I would be very disappointed if it was moved up there.

Personally I would not move the knob to the top of the keyboard. It being on the  right side where most people use their mouse is actually pretty useful, you can just move your mouse near the knob and use your thumb to turn it.
I also think a knob on the top would ruin the vintage feel of the board. There are not many vintage keyboards with a knob, let alone one on the top. Knobs on the side aren't completely unheard of for vints and overall I think if there is a knob keeping it on the side fits the theme much better.

This is very nice! Specially at the price.
Mounting point near spacebar should be 1u out on wkl blockers.
Would love to see 10u spacebar with 8u stab support and the case to be more roomy but that is me wanting a modern dc-2014 case.


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