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[IC] Spyder TKL

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sick board, glwic and gb!!  :cool:


--- Quote from: thocciness on Tue, 09 April 2024, 14:48:14 ---
--- Quote from: itsazly on Tue, 09 April 2024, 14:43:05 ---Looks and sounds neat! Could I ask for some updated renders colors or color codes on the boards? Ofc, render to pics/video can always be different, but just want to get a more accurate look at all these vibrant colors!

--- End quote ---

Updated prototypes in all colorways will arrive before the end of the month so there will be updated photos of all the colors!

--- End quote ---

Thank you SO MUCH! Looking forward!

looking forward to this one!! congrats on getting the priced lowered, big W

Great price and awesome colors, really looking forward to the GB! Is the board shown in all the typing tests the Gentian color or Ice color?

yes frickin please


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