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I found an excellent PS2 to USB adapter, and want to run a GB for it. I actually hadn't heard of it until recently, but I've spoken with some people who have used it and love it.

I know the blue cube is the go-to, but I really don't like the form factor. The Belkin one has a good form factor, but finding the one belkin one that's good in really difficult (I have three belkins that are terrible)

This is a cable-type adapter, and the electronics are housed in the back of the USB plug. Here's a picture:

Also included in this (as an option) will be SDL to PS2 cables, so you can plug in your unicomp or model M.
Here's a link to unicomp's page:
Update: it might come from Mkawa's box of real, live, SDL cables.

Final pricing, payment, shipping, packing and distribution are still TBD, though I do have some ideas in the works for getting this done quickly and easily.

MOQ is 50 for this to happen
Please fill out the form
(Thanks to samwisekoi for making the forms. I will be keeping track of interest)

Ballpark cost: $13-$20 for Q50, possibly lower if there are higher price tiers.

These weigh 19 grams, or about 0.65 Oz.
It will cost $6.55 to ship internationally (any county, as far as I can tell)
Domestic shipping sholud be under $3. I'm getting about $2.07 for a 2 Oz package.

This might not be definite at all, depending on who does all the shipping.

Order totals (Updated 2-19-13)

(1+ is counted as 1, for now)

PS2 to USB adapter

SDL cables form unicomp

I don't understand SDL to PS2... that's what all Model M's come with already!


--- Quote from: metalliqaz on Mon, 28 January 2013, 18:05:48 ---I don't understand SDL to PS2... that's what all Model M's come with already!

--- End quote ---
If you need a spare, or have started a project that involves them or something. I imagine most people will need 0. It was included by request.

submitted.  :D


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