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Not sure if this is in the right place (It will be checked my a moderator so hopefully it will be!), I have made up a colour wheel with a small selection of 18 example sleeving varieties and colours. The plan is to have it snet around to people interested in getting some custom cables done, so they can have a look and get a feel for what type of sleeving and potential colours before purchasing.

I don't want anything upfront, I will post out to the first person FOC and just ask each person to post in the thread who would like the wheel next. The postage will be the responsibility of the next person who wants it. The order will be who posts in the thread, first come first served style.

Any donation to GH will be awesome! Pics below, please note any ideas etc below, I'm happy to listen to suggestions.

Colours included:-

550 Standard Red Paracord
550 Safety Green Paracord
550 Coyote Brown Paracord
MDPC Yellow
MDPC Copper
MDPC Black
MDPC White
MDPC Shade 19
MDPC Orange
MDPC Toxic Green
Techflex White
Techflex Carbon
Techflex Blue
Techflex Toxic Green
Techflex Hot Pink
Techflex Beige

If you want to check out some examples of my previous work, check out my facebook page in my signature, theres loads of work on there on different cables.

For cables etc check my thread in the classifieds.

this is seriously awesome. huge props to you for doing this pexon


--- Quote from: mkawa on Sat, 02 February 2013, 11:12:27 ---this is seriously awesome. huge props to you for doing this pexon

--- End quote ---

Thanks man, been wanting to do it for a while, but I'm not hot on the Geekhack way of things, so I wanted to lurk a little longer and get established before I ventured into it.

The Techflex is pretty subpar as a sleeving medium.  But great idea nonetheless.   MDPC is where its at.  Nils is a boss.

I have to offer it as standard though, some people are happy with it! Its a good material when double sleeve I have t oadmit, but yes, MDPC is EPIC sleeving!  :cool:


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