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[IC] Krytox GPL 103 (Ordered)

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This is my first IC, so please bear with me :)

Is there any interest in this oil? If so, I can get a .5kg bottle (17.6 oz.) for ~$225 after shipping. Total cost should not be more than $20 per ounce, which is much better than the $45 miller-stephenson charge for it.
Product Link -

Edit: Well it looks as though has to special order this, but there are a few places that sell it for $225-$250 Shipped. I'll know more when I call them on Monday, but it shouldn't cost more than $13-$15 per ounce, regardless of who I get it from. Anyway, I will try my hardest to get this for us and will update this when I know more.

I'm open to ideas for how to ship, but I'm thinking we'll need boxes instead of packets. Priority small flat rate is ~$5.15, but I'm open to the idea of using smaller boxes if someone has an idea where to get them cheap or free.

New Shipping Info

Seems I'll take WFD's advice "They can be shipped in small dropper bottle vials by USPS first class, should only cost ~$2 within the US or ~$7 international" and I'll also offer smaller quantities.

Modified form -
*For those of you who already signed up, no need to sign up again. I'll message you all sometime next week (including those who are international).  I'll allow you to purchase anywhere between .5 oz and the amount you chose on the form.

I'll be purchasing this tomorrow morning and will give priority to people who signed up first. If for some reason this is going against IC/GB standards, please let me know.

Group Buy Thread -

I've been looking for these for awhile now.  Guess I'm in!  :)

Form filled, I'd like an ounce to try it out as comparison to other lubes.

Interested, depending if shipping is possible to milk bag land.


EDIT : only US?  :(


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