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[IC] Ikaruga Dyesub Set

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I must say I'm surprised this doesn't exist already.

I idea is a set of two dyesub thick PBT keys, with the iconic Ikaruga logo...

The profiles would be to fit row 1/2 as follows...
PgUp =
PgDn =

Add-on possibilities would be two keys for the two fighters (one of which is shown above), and an english "Ikaruga" on one or more keys.

For those of you that don't know, it's a famous vertical scrolling shooter from Japan.

So am I alone in this or what?  Sound off.

I have a friend that I'd love to buy this for, but I don't think that Ikaruga is well known enough for there to be a group buy for it.

Yes, so it would seem.  I guess I misjudged that.  Oh well.

ugh i dont want to buy more keycaps but i would totally be into this / maybe a set of other shmup keys.
dodonpatchi, giga wing, others?

If their simple enough and u still want them but cant get enough for a full gb get wasd to do them.


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