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Hey there geekhackers!

I just want to see if there is any interest for a "group buy" for case spray painting. I know everyone goes crazy over case customization!

With the soon to arrive Phantoms and all the cases being prepared for them, I thought maybe people would be interested in this:

There is a local painting shop that has the equipment and can buy the paint to do a ton of keyboard cases, I'll have to contact him and see what pricing would be like, but it can't be that much. We would have to buy the paint, but a quart of paint can do about 50 keyboards and is only $20. There is also some glow in the dark paint available if enough interest is shown.

The option for colors is nearly limitless, but obviously it would make sense to have only a few due to the fact that they're $20. I was thinking colors like Red, Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple.

Now I know you can just go buy some spray paint and do it yourself, but these are done using professional equipment and the paint is a much better quality.

He said they could also sand them, but pricing would be higher as that takes most of the time.

Please post your interest here with a color you'd like. If there is enough interest I will contact him and get some pricing! If not oh well, I'll just have him do a couple of mine :p

this all depends on the price for me.  i am not stingy or nothin but doing it myself is kind of fun too.


--- Quote from: tricheboars on Sat, 30 March 2013, 01:58:51 ---this all depends on the price for me.  i am not stingy or nothin but doing it myself is kind of fun too.

--- End quote ---

Yeah I'll figure out pricing on Monday, but it shouldn't be more than like $10 a keyboard or something like that, plus the paint split amongst all orders if it gets that far!

So we would be supplying our own case right? Shipping international to you and back to us? =[

I would do it myself, but I cannot find any paints here.

Maybe you could find some cases first? I think that would make more sense, or would with another GB co-coordinator who produces them as shipping internationally would kill it.


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