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[IC] ErgoDox Blank PBT DCS keycaps Group Buy


As Massdrop has started the second ErgoDox group buy with the only option of DSA caps, I think it's time to start an interest check for DCS's.

This potential GB would feature a full ErgoDox keycap set, namely:

- 60 * 1x1 sized keycaps
- 12 * 1.5x1 sized keycaps
- 4 * 2x1 sized keycaps,

all of which are black, blank, PBT DCS style caps from probably Signature Plastics.

Please comment if you are interested!

This reply was made by massdrop employee Will regarding my question about DCS keycaps:

"Not as an option for this group buy, however, we're going to be launching a separate group buy for DCS blanks since a lot of the guys from the first round have requested them."

So as things stand, I see no further reason for this IC, unless there is a multitude of people who do not wish to get the caps via massdrop. If you are such a person, feel free to voice your opinion.

I'm interested.


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