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Update: After the quick interest check, Hammer and I have decided to make the following three keys (sets):
1: Spacebar
2. Ctrl/Alt/Menu/Windows Set
3. Left/Right Shift Set

During the upcoming group buy, you don't have to order the whole keyset, you could just order one key from a keyset. Like a blank 1x R1 key from the #2 set, and a left shift from the #3 set.

The result of the interest check shows that 27 out of 44 people chose spacebar as their favorite. The secondly popular one is Ctrl/Alt set. Enter kinda beats Left/Right Shift keys a little bit. But we decided to provide a complete Row 1 keyset and save Enter and the other keys for the next round.

For now, we just need to pick two from the five fonts before the group buy.

1. Arial Rounded (Similar to Cherry font)
2. Segoe Print
3. Ocr-A Bt
4. Comic Sans Ms (the font that I use for item description on my eBay)
5. Utsaah (Similar to Filco font)

Please vote for your favorite two fonts by submitting the following form!

Update: 1x R1 was added to the Ctrl/Alt set in order to complete 1.5 modifier set. Its approx price is $30 for each blank one, and engraving service is $5 same as the others. But only one image would be availale - the following Windows Logo

It's been a while since the last group buy for Hammer's titanium spacebar. Actually it's been eight months. :/ Hammer is a busy man and he normally doesn't have time to make these hand-polished titanium keycaps. In order to keep the quality right there, he only shapes and polishes each titanium keycap by hands instead of machine.

However, after pushing him for months, he eventually promised me to make some titanium modifier keycaps, as well as the spacebar.

For this group buy, he can provide three different types of keycaps from the following:

1. Spacebar (same price as last group buy, $100 for 6.25x, $110 for 7x, and extra fees for 4 and 6 stems)

2. Ctrl/Win/Alt/Menu/1x R1 (approx $35 for each blank 1.25x, $40 for blank 1.5x, $30 for blank 1x R1)

3. Enter (approx $80 for each blank one)

4. Backspace (approx $80 for each blank one)

5. Left Shift (approx $80 for each blank one)

6. Right Shift (approx $80 for each blank one)

7. Tab (approx $40 for each blank one)

8. Capslock (approx $40 for each blank one)

Please READ:

As same as last round, three types of finish: Brushed, Shiny, and Sandblasted. Three profiles: Cherry, SP, and OEM.

There's an optional service for polishing the spacebar. You can choose have two different finishes on one spacebar by paying extra $15. For example, brushed top and shiny four sides. It was originally Ji_Jil32's idea. Check out his spacebar here:

There're two types of thickness for the spacebar: 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm. The spacebars from last group buy are all 1.0 mm and I would say they're already pretty heavy (about 15g for 6.25x 3-stems, 18g for 6.25x 6-stems). Thick plastic keycaps are awesome, but thick metal keycaps? I don't really think so.  :rolleyes: But someone keep asking me about the extra thick version, so here it is.

The approximate price is for blank keycaps only. The engraving service charges $5 for each keycap. We have two different fonts for you. We haven't decided on which two we're going to provide yet. But most likely Cherry font would be one of the choices.

You might wonder why those big modifier keys like enter, backspacebar, and shift are so expensive, it's because the processing fees for these 3-stem keys are almost the same as spacebar.

Hammer only provides regular capslock keys, NO STEPPED capslock! It's hard to polish the stepped capslock.

If you have any questions, it would be better to post them in this thread. My inbox is a mess now and there're a lot of unread messages because it's close to my finals.


Gonna get me a THICK SB and sell my thin one!

--- Quote from: feng on Fri, 26 April 2013, 01:55:04 ---:rolleyes: But someone keep asking me about the extra thick version, so here it is.
--- End quote ---

I'm anal retentive... Sorry...

i am interested but i'll have to see the time line.

and i just submitted SB for all 3 options. ...

Enter key all the way. If I can't have them all, I could settle for just the space bar and enter :P

Ctrl/Win/Alt/Menu, Enter, Backspace

Please skip the spacebar!


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