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Renamed this IC for the sake of transparency.  I don't want anyone to think there's a movement in over-all direction.

Mission Statement:

Offer a group buy for a hooded piece of geekhack apparel that is a relatively attractive.  Some people will like it and some will not like it.

This thread will be updated with price-breaks when the information becomes available.

In the meantime fill out the following form to assist in organizing this bad boy.  FILL OUT THIS FORM

Also looking for geekhack logos, and I'll be hosting a poll once we have a bunch compiled.  If you'd like a specific logo option please post it here.  If you know the origin of the logo PLEASE name the creator so we can contact and request permission to use the image.  This whole thing will require auth of this forum to proceed, and I'd like to have my ducks in a row before approaching teh big wigs.




American Apparell


In for one, bring it!!

In for one. I'd wear this so hard :D

Any option for dorsal fin back holes? :p

"Hey (person) what's geekhack?"

I couldn't put up with that everytime i wear it.


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