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UPDATE:  So elton5354 has decided to pick up this group buy, everyone give me a round of applause !!!

I've also updated the price and minimum order amount, group buy is a lot of work and we wouldn't want the organizer to work ENTIRELY FOR FREE.  I hope you guys understands.

Now I've updated MOQ to per color, sigh it was too good to be true.....

Company:  Tai-Hao

Type of Mold:  ABS Double Shot

Profile:  OEM

Available Colors:  Black, Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow

MOQ:  500 per color

Price:  $8.00 USD per set (104 keys)

Minimum Order:  2 set per person minimum.  At this price point I hope 2 set is not a lot to ask and we're trying to push to meet the MOQ also reduce the amount of shipping work for the organizer.

Too good to be true?  Well the catch is they can't produce 6.25 spacebar and 1.25 window and menu keys.  But they can do blanks for 1.25 window and menu keys, spacebar will be tricky.

Company Website

Examples of their keycaps

More examples

Original Thread:

So we started talking about getting Tai Hao Double Shot but can't seem to find a person to run the group buy for it.  Personally I've been too busy with my work otherwise I'd try to run it myself.

Hopefully this will generate enough interesting and someone will step up to run it  :)

Their e-mail is on the website but feel free to ask me for the e-mail of the representative that I talked to at Tai-Hao.

Cheers !!!

!!!!!  Group Buy Up Order Here  !!!!!

For that price I take one set of each color :)

Maybe we could get white spacebars from somewhere else? I think white would fit the legends and it wouldn't look too odd.

1 set for each color

Hak Foo:
I could see a red set and a black set for the price, change out the CC&G at work.  Honestly, I like the modern typography better than the vintage-look of SP fonts if you're doing a modern looking set.

I understand we'd get 1.25 blanks for the windows/menu keys, but what, if anything would a "104 set" include for a spacebar?



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