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There appear to be quite a few Mac users amongst us here and after receiving the Raindrop key cap set it suddenly dawned on me that this is one of the only sets that I've purchased that came with a Command Key. Don't you wish other popular sets included a command key (⌘)? What about an Option key (⌥)?

My thought is that if there is enough interest perhaps we could put together a small group buy for just the command key, much like the GEEK HACK keys have been done in the past. The set would include 1 and 1.25 modifiers with the Command Key icon and would match popular group buys that have already come an gone.

Some examples might include:
   - Klaxon / Red Alert
   - CCnG
   - Retro DCS
   - Valentine

This is an interest check, so if you've got an opinion, I'd love to hear it!

I'm in! I really hope this happens.

White on black, Dolch, and 1.5x mods would be nice to see as well.

I get the retro vibe around here, but I've been really surprised at how seldom the Mac keys come up. This would be great.

Awesome idea ;D


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