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I had no plans on making this an interest check and selling cases like this, but recent events have made me say screw it.  Before that, I had several people asking me via PM about the cases and on reddit, but I planned on only doing cases if people asked me about them.  Now I figure I might as well gauge some interest for a wood case for the GH60, Pure, and Poker.

To giver you a very rough idea about a case, I made a wood case in the past that looked like this:


Finished pic

More recently, I have been working on a slightly easier to implement prototype design.  This sprang out of an idea I had for a case for someone who commissioned me to make a case for them; however, if others are interested, I may make several others.

The rough design is as follows:

That's a rough and unfinished picture and made out of Red Gum and Purpleheart.  Your options for wood would be much greater and, like the other case, I would make a USB cutout, install the standoffs, make a foot or feet in your choice of styles, be it discs, a rounded bar, or some other geometric bar, and finish it in Arm-R-Seal, Deft Danish Oil, or both.

The base price for a case would be around $140-150 and I should be able to drop the price a little if 10 or more people are interested since I would have less setup time on some of the steps.  The cost would increase depending on the type of wood you want used and if the wood is natural or dyed.  For cheaper woods like poplar, maple, and birch, it would be on the cheaper end of the spectrum, for woods like ebony, zebrawood, pau amarello, padauk, and so on, it would be more expensive since exotics can cost up to $100 for enough wood for a case.   Dying would be best for Maple and Birch and, unless you wanted a two toned dye job like my red and black wrist wrest, it would be a $10 or less option, less if multiple people wanted the same color dye.  I can also do a matched wrist wrest with an inlay like this or make the case into a "travel case" by making an identical top piece and including a hinge and/or clasps.

You can find a small handful of the woods available to me here for domestic and here for exotic woods.

If you're interested, drop a comment in here.  If there's no real interest, then I'll just make the one case I was commissioned to make and one for myself.


Added an official Interest Check Form

I also forgot to add, if there are at least 7 people who want a case, I can offer free laser engraving.

How much are you charging for an inlay wrist rest?

I'd be really interested in one of these, but I think I won't be able to drop another 150$+ on a case, after I bought 2 aluminum cases from IMSTO :(

Will follow this closely though and might pull the trigger anyway :p


--- Quote from: kenmai9 on Thu, 19 September 2013, 03:17:53 ---How much are you charging for an inlay wrist rest?

--- End quote ---


Wood case for *cough* phantom *cough*

I know....costs would be even higher...:(


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