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[IC] Signature Plastics Spacebars - White & Black in 6.25x/7x

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I need a 6.25x in both colors to go with my Cherry sets and it occurred to me that there's probably quite a few others in similar positions. Obviously because of my location I'm not the best to handle shipping but I've had several people offer to handle that side of things if I handle the ordering process.

I think the best way to do this would be to just offer one pack with all 4 spacebars in it (both colors, both sizes), that way we will hit higher order quantities and obviously lower prices. Tempted to add Dolch as well but we'll see what pricing is like first.

EDIT: I'm feeling motivated so I've already sent SP an email asking for pricing tiers on a the 4 pack, will update as soon as I know how much this is likely to cost.

Space bars are always handy to have around!

Sir, you got my interest!

Always good to have spacebars.  Also other common colors from GBs could be good, like CreamCheese, Klaxon, Raindrop, etc.

Not seeing a lot of interest in here but here are the prices anyway! Quite surprised really, once you hit the 100 mark the price gets pretty decent.

25 packs                  $14.03 each
50 packs                  $9.96 each
75 packs                  $8.56 each
100 packs               $7.86 each
150 packs               $7.16 each
200 packs               $6.80 each
250 packs               $6.60 each

I can probably do other colors as well but I think I'll keep them separate from the pack to keep the price down. Here are the price tiers for individual colors in each size. It should be noted that each color and size has it's own MOQ so we can't just order 50 different colors and expect to hit that tier.

6.2 Universal DCS Spacebar
25 pcs                  $3.65 each
50 pcs                  $2.56 each
75 pcs                  $2.20 each
100 pcs                  $2.02 each
150 pcs                  $1.84 each
200 pcs                  $1.75 each
250 pcs                  $1.70 each
7 Universal DCS Spacebar
25 pcs                  $3.44 each
50 pcs                  $2.42 each
75 pcs                  $2.08 each
100 pcs                  $1.91 each
150 pcs                  $1.74 each
200 pcs                  $1.65 each
250 pcs                  $1.60 each


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