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[IC] Blank PBT DSA Alps?

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Hey folks. For my own keyboard projects, I want to get a pile of 1x1 PBT DSA (or ideally SA row 3 but it might not be possible) Alps keycaps. After a few sets, these actually arenít impossibly expensive from Signature Plastics. But I wonder if there's more general interest in also getting various other widths of keys, for people with typical layout keyboards to swap caps on. At the point there were more than just 1x1 keys, then the price goes up quite a bit, until the volume hits a pretty high number. But it seems like there are enough Alps aficionados around here that it might be possible to get enough of these to be worthwhile anyway.

Anyway, first, I wonder if anyone else would be interested in going in on a bunch of blank 1x1s [color TBD; I don't have super strong preferences, though white or light gray could be nice]. If there's enough interest could potentially be multiple colors. Beyond that, I figured it'd be nice to have a thread for discussion of blank alps sets. There seems to be almost no discussion of alps keycaps compared to cherry caps, around here.

Does anyone know of other good sources for new alps-mount keycaps, other than Signature Plastics?


why not SP?

Oh, I was talking about SP. Iím just wondering if there are alternatives I should take a look at.

I didn't think DSA and SA were made in ALPS variants.....

They definitely have DSA w/ alps mounts. I think they might not have SA, but I read somewhere on here/on the web that they had SA row 3. That might be false though.


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