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[IC] Blank PBT DSA Alps?

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--- Quote from: jacobolus on Fri, 17 January 2014, 17:30:15 ---They definitely have DSA w/ alps mounts.

--- End quote ---

Can you link us to some information? This is the first I've heard of this.

From Melissa at SP:

--- Quote ---[...] so a set of 60 single space DSA keys [...] We have a minimum order value of $100 for any order that needs to go into production. Pricing is below and does not include shipping costs:
MOQ: 140 pcs - $0.75 each
180 pcs - $0.59 each
300 pcs - $0.55 each
600 pcs - $0.47 each
1500 pcs - $0.42 each

--- End quote ---

I was asking about sets of 60 1x1 PBT DSA alps-mount keys, so those are in multiples of 60. The price might break down at slightly different points if ordering arbitrary numbers.

I still don't see where it says DSA Alps mount caps. I was unaware that they have it so seeing your question would help me. There has been an interest check for a long time looking for Alps caps in general from SP. I find it hard to believe a simple change in the profile family means that all the alphas/mods/spacebar issues are fixed.

Edit: Wait...I think I misread. You're just looking for 1x1 caps? Hm, I'm still surprised they have them in DSA profile but ok.

I added a follow-up question for her about what other sizes of DSA caps w/ Alps mounts they have tooling for, and what kind of stabilizers those would allow.

They have all the usual sizes in DSA profile Alps mount, but they can only use MX mounts on the sides for stabilizer inserts, apparently. Sounds like they can do a normal DSA spacebar as well.

For a full blank set:

--- Quote ---Pricing for a standard 104 layout is below (86-1x, 7-1.25x, 2-1.5x, 1-1.75x, 4-2x, 2-2.25x, 1-1.75x, spacebar)
25 sets         $86.12 per set
50 sets         $68.69 per set
75 sets         $62.88 per set
100 sets                $59.97 per set
150 sets                $57.07 per set
200 sets                $55.62 per set
250 sets                $54.75 per set
--- End quote ---


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