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Any interest in CNC milled copper or brass plates?

I already talked to my laser guy, but he said it's a no go for laser cutting copper or brass, so they'd have the be CNC milled. It just so happens that I now have access to a CNC mill. Since they're CNCed, I more than likely won't do removedable switch top cutouts (square cutouts with a round mill is imposable without a secondary process), , but I should be able to thicker plates.

Price isn't known since I don't have a time estimate on plates and I'm not sure exactly how they plate would be held during machining.

What kind of price are we looking at for say a 60%?

A copper epsilon and a poker plate would be awesome.


--- Quote from: Halverson on Wed, 25 June 2014, 19:20:46 ---What kind of price are we looking at for say a 60%?

--- End quote ---

Price isn't known. This is going to require tooling and maybe a specialized hold down system.

I think I'm broke. Drooling, but broke.

And yes, for any who have a poker case with brass suit-cutouts, having a brass plate would be a nice touch.


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