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[IC] TaoHao Alps doubleshot keycaps [RESEARCH MODE]

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While I'm still waiting to get numbers back I want to ask a few questions.

Originally I was going to run a GB specifically for the KBParadise V60MTS however when I read the MOQ's it was clear that the best value would be to offer full 104 sets.  Unfortunately there is no "one" standard in the world of Alps; "them's the breaks kid" or how that saying goes.

TaoHao has tested their keycaps on a V60MTS and it came out A-OK.  The problem is their keycaps are predesigned in a way that it will cost huge money to change the wording on them outside the existing form factor.  For example, there will be no Capslock size key with Control for it.

So with that being said - I still have to finalize things but we're looking at a 500MOQ minimum order spread across 2 sets - so 250MOQ for two different types.   That's the good news - the original minimum order from the factory was 1000 sets of ONE layout - because Alps is a special order they are only making Cherry sets 99% of the time now.

We can do any sets we want but I already asked (waiting to hear back) if they can do 250 Dolch and 250 Olivetti.

Costs per set are around $20 before paypal/shipping fees are added.  Hopefully by next Wednesday we will nail down the costs.

I have to ask some tough questions:

1. How many of you plan to use these on a Matias Quiet Pro?  Because unfortunately the bottom row is non-standard, and because Mac's are all about standards   :-\  the numpad on the Mac is different than the PC version.  So how many of you are using this on a Quiet Pro PC or Mac?  (And No I'm not dealing with Matias Mini.  This isn't Signature Plastics, son.)

If anyone will avoid buying because of the QP issue I could go back and ask that some additional keys be added but that will drive the price up a little per set.

2. Is Dolch/Olivetti options ok?  Everyone has a boner whenever either word is mentioned - I couldn't imagine everyone would want a solid black or yellow.

3. See below on the height differences of the Tao Hao keycaps.  Any problems with it?

Here are some pics of the keycaps:

I will  be down for 2 or 3 sets of Olivetti  :thumb:

Possibly a set of Dolch.

Either is good for me; might even buy both at that price, why not? Does Olivetti have a blue or purple legend?


--- Quote from: Heliosphere on Thu, 11 December 2014, 23:49:43 ---Either is good for me; might even buy both at that price, why not? Does Olivetti have a blue or purple legend?

--- End quote ---

Hak Foo:
I am all over this.  It's what I was dreaming of since we first saw the mention of TaiHao Alps caps.  I can see getting three sets with a mild preference for Dolch.

Can they do all the keys in the MX group-buy?  I think if they can do that 1.5-1-1.5-7-1.5-1-1.5 bottom row, that *dramatically* increases the set compatibility, with only marginal cost increase.    The big Matias boards (for PC) use that layout, as do a lot of vintage boards (Dell and SGI AT101, and a bunch of Focus boards).


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