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[IC] Rage Quit (Row 5 for ESC or F4, possible Alt key)

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--- Quote from: FrostyToast on Mon, 29 December 2014, 12:49:16 ---Make a row 5 GG key.
Something like that would be fine. Row 5 would work for either escape for f4.

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That's true! I forgot about Alt-F4. I like that Idea.


--- Quote from: FrostyToast on Mon, 29 December 2014, 12:51:19 ---
--- Quote from: admiralvorian on Mon, 29 December 2014, 12:50:17 ---a RAGE QUIT cap would be cool, I'd buy it as a set with alt as well (so it could be used on alt-f4) if it were OEM/Cherry profile. How much does a GMK buy cost for one/two caps? maybe we could do a couple different color profiles (unless that bumps up the MOQ)

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I know that the cost for caps that they already have molds for is about $4.
No idea about what it would cost to get a new one.

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I really like those ideas. That'd be sweet.

I've never run a group buy or anything, so if you guys tell me where to go I can start trying to find cost estimates.

I like it, but dump the "Press to" and have it just say "Rage Quit". Maybe white on red.


--- Quote from: Zentaaa on Mon, 29 December 2014, 12:40:10 ---Rage quiting games is more of a alt f4 procedure for me, When pressing the escape key and quiting via the menu you are not quiting with enough rage imo :)

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Agreed.  Good thing Esc and F4 are the same row profile.  You could just put the RAGE QUIT cap on your F4 key stem.  :)

How about Rage on F4 and Quit on Alt with both keys having the same color?


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