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it is coming... SA RETRO!

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Ladies and Gents it is finally coming!

DSA Retro was my first GB (with the restless help of samwisekoi), it was one of the first western organized DSA keycap set and over 450 of you are still enjoying it. I'm promising an SA incarnation since forever and now it is finally the time!

Please welcome SA Retro! :)

The row profile should be: 1-1-2-3-4-4 (with shift keys in R3).

The semi-final kits are as follow:

Please review and send your suggestions!

I think I would rather have it all be row 3 profile, but I would still love to have it with the different profiles.  :thumb:
Are there any plans to support different layouts (like JD40 or planck)

--- Quote ---but since we still don't have shift keys in the right profile it seems a fair enough compromise.

--- End quote ---
What profile row are the shift keys available in?

So does this mean we're going to see a 2nd round of Retro DSA and first round Retro SA at about the same time? (btw did they ever get your approval on that 2nd round of DSA?
I've been waiting so long to get my hands on a Retro set  ;D

shift keys are row-3

DSA Retro has been postponed after SA Retro. I don't know when. exactly.

Ok cool
Yeah I remember asking you about it coming out in SA, and you told me you had plans for it but didn't know when you would do it
The only reason I could see me also getting it in DSA would be for compatibility with non standard layouts (that's the main reason I would've liked this set all row 3)

With the mockup you made all brown, it reminds me a bit of this typewriter (not so much now that you added some more color) I saw a few months ago (I would love to have a set like with caps in THAT profile)

So did you ever give SP your blessing to use the Retro design for that second run of DSA, or are they doing this all without you? Because I think you said they didn't ask you in another thread

your dsa is one of the most beautiful keysets i've seen. i am more into gmk now, but i will definitely be in for this. any chance you get some color packs out there just to liven things up a bit?


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