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[IC] Furry keycaps Project (Chewbacca, armpits and pussicats)

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Furry Keycaps

We all have something furry in mind that we'd like to see in a keycap.

Up until now, the solutions were
- Sculpting hair: in resin looks passable, but it's not real hair (or faux fur).
- Using real hair: without some protection, makes it prone to degrading due to the friction and oils in the fingers, that could weaken the adhesive, stain and mess the hair.
- Encapsulating the hairy surface in resin: is an old concept (encapsulated electronics), but if you were to do the same with hair, it'd look soaked.

I propose encapsulating a sculpture without messing with the hair, with a preformed protection cover.

How it is done?

Keycap base + furry subject sculpture + Transparent thermoplastic sheet.

The idea came when I saw one of this. It's a dental retainer made from a vacuumed formed thermoplastic acrylic sheet.

These type of plastics are also sold in art stores (worbla), the internet, in pellets or sheets under different names, and can be warped under heat with or without a vacuum, to adapt to some mold with some limitations in definition.

- Would allow really unique projects to be made.
- The hair wouldn't look soaked underneath.


- Labor intensive for bulk processing.
- Assure the acrylic cover to stay on place. It'd need a big area in the base where it'd be glued.
- Fluffy haired subjects would be limited, as the plastic sheet needs cover the sculpture as tightly as possible.


[Placeholder] Future photos and developments.

I am interested in seeing where this goes and how it turns out.

Joey Quinn:
Furry Frank!!!

Haha this is hilarious (good thing). Keycaps are being made out of the same thing my retainer is made out of.


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