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Which Sets Do YOU Most Desire to See a Rerun Of?

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GMK Olivia.

Would die for GMK Frost Witch to get a second run, not too sure how likely that is though. Would be nice if there was another round for SA Bliss too, I almost picked up some the extras for it but decided hold off until the morning but all the alphas and novelties were sold out by then.

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--- Quote from: treeleaf64 on Sun, 07 November 2021, 16:56:15 ---Every time I think of a GMK set that should be run, I realize it is ABS and even though I enjoy the color scheme, i cannot deal with the plastic

I guess PBT DCS would be my love. Am ignorant of most DCS except Delftware (which I purchased)

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Infinikey PBT sets feel good as well

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Can confirm, my Magic Girl R2 set feels so soft smooth and they're also are decently thick at ~1.5mm.

GMK Olivia please!

GMK Olivia++ for sure

GMK Hammerhead that isn't only available on Novelkeys where I would have to pay $89 for shipping to get it to Belgium.


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