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Just how necessary are stabilizers for 2u keys?

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So I know we're all used to using stabilizers for any key 2u or larger. Let's face it, without stabilizers those really wide keys can register keystrokes rather inconsistently. But I began wondering just how necessary they were for 2u in particular. So I'm reaching out to the community to get everyone's opinion on this based on your extensive collective experience. So...

Just how necessary do you feel stabilizers are for 2u keys?

1. Absolutely necessary.
2. Not necessary at all.
3. It depends. (Explain)

To me, they are totally necessary.  It really comes down to location on the board.  Since most larger keys are at the peripheral of the board, I tend to hit them with my pinky, and usually right on the inner edge.  I am very sensitive to poorly functioning stabilizers.  I have tried going without while I was figuring out a layout on one of my builds and it was horribly wobbly - no way. 

I was debating whether to use a stabilizer when building my ortho with 2u space. I ended up going without it and it seems fine so far.

I mean, they are helpful. But not necessary.

I swapped the stock caps out of one of my boards recently. It has costar stabilizers except on the space bar. When I tried to pull the inserts out of the stock caps they all felt really stuck. I ended up breaking one and just giving up on the rest. So for now, the only "long" key that has stabilizers is the space bar. They do wobble a bit, but when I start typing it doesn't bother me.  Stabilizers will reduce the wobble, but I don't need them.

The only thing that worries me is I feel like there is a possibility of doing damage to the keycap and/or switch stem by using them without stabilizers.

I used a 60% keyboard with no stabs whatsoever (2.75u spacebar) for a few months, and if I am going to be completely honest, in normal typing I didn't really notice it at all.

Obviously if for some reason you hit the left or right side of a key wayyy to hard, you'll feel it give-way, but for the most part, it's not that bad.

So I am going to give it a 3. But I add stabs to all my new builds, just because you know, it's just the proper way to do things.


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