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Nominate-A-Bro: Final Edition

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Hey there fellow Geekhackers -

For those that remember the old nominate-a-bro giveaways, this will follow the same format:

1. Nominate someone who has done something positive for the community or someone in the community who has impacted your life in a positive way
2. Write a detailed story on why you believe that person should receive a nomination
3. One entry per person

3 Winners will be drawn on Sunday, August 18th.

The prizes:

3x Hacked Packs including: Hacked Last Pilot (TMX), Hacked Broshido (TMX) and Hacked BroBot V2 (MX)

I will unlock this thread this afternoon some time...

Past Nominate-A-Bro Giveaways:




CPTBadAss. He's done quite a bit for gh, and was a font of knowledge for keebs. He also sent me my first ever booper--gratis.

Lastly, he like retro games.

Conejoe my dude

Conejoe has been nice enough to open up his doors for me and make his home a place for me that I am able to use as a proxy point. This has allowed be to save literally thousands of dollars on shipping over the years.
As well being saviour of my wallet, he's also a generally really nice guy, going out of his way to make people feel comfortable and included.

You got my vote buddy

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