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[TMK] HHKB Alt Controller with USB Type-C connector


Check this post for order information.

Difference is only its USB conector, USB Type-C vs USB Mini-B. Other part of controller is completely identical.

You don't have to file connector opening of its case and the Type-C connector fits into the existent opening.

Type-C connector is implemented on castellated daughter pcb to tune its height to the existent opening.

NOT USB 3. The controller works with USB 2 full speed.
NOT PD. Power delivery is not supported.

USE COMPLIANT CABLE. Don't use obscure cable. Get cable from reliable soruce.

2020-04-12 Revised price of controller and shipping rate
2022-03-09 Revised price of controller
2022-04-12 Remove ORDER instruction

Revised price and shipping rate


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