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Group Buy Rules and Guidelines (Updated 2023-09-11)

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--- Quote from: SxM Designs on Mon, 28 November 2022, 13:09:29 ---
--- Quote from: HoffmanMyster on Mon, 28 November 2022, 11:53:23 ---
--- Quote from: SxM Designs on Mon, 28 November 2022, 06:18:20 ---
--- Quote from: HoffmanMyster on Tue, 22 November 2022, 15:32:09 ---Update 2022-11-22: As of today, the requirement that a product not be in stock is being relaxed. This requirement has unintentionally discouraged the development of in-stock products, something that this hobby would benefit greatly from. As such, in-stock products are now being allowed in the Group Buy and Preorder subforum. The thread count limit will remain in order to limit the number of posts from vendors. Please stay tuned for more updates to come, both on this particular topic and overall restructuring of the Marketplace section overall. This is the first step in a broader revamp that will take a little more time to complete - we wanted to get this change live sooner than later.

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Would this require the use of a different tag like [IN-STOCK] ?

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Great question - for now, I think [In-Stock] is the best tag for those sales. With the coming structural changes this might change, so apologies in advance for the inevitable confusion with these frequent changes. :-[ :)

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Great! Thanks for the confirmation.
With structural changes : I hope you mean a new section for In-Stocks?

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Some restructures are in the pipeline :thumb:

ok got it

What should I do if I have already submitted a group buy request, but it didn't get approved already to modify my comments?

These new rules sound good ;)

Dear Hoffman,I have a post I need you to check.


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