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Will Elon Musk make Twitter more chaotic than it is already ?

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What is it about? Does he think that there is too much chaos in the world, and/or does he want to gin up more emotion?

Will he try to make it more reliable and trustworthy?

I don't think he's interested in the politics of Twitter.  I think he wants to turn Twitter into a WeChat clone for the Western market.  There's a huge amount of money to be made.

Tp4 launching Tp4chat. all Tp4 150% of the time. get your daily dose of nihilism + existential crisis ONLY on Tp4chat.

Twitter is slowly dying. Everyone I know is either off totally, or just uses it for business. Only companies, social media tools, and sociopaths use Twitter anymore.

More chaotic? A little, but mostly no.
I think Elon stuck his foot in his mouth and is making promises he can't keep.

He wants to be a bastion of free speech but if he does, the EU will boot Twitter, Canada will boot Twitter and shortly after that Apple and then Google will ban Twitter. You can't just let anything fly so the speech rules will probably be retained unless he wants to just throw money away and I doubt he can do that due to what he used as collateral. So while lifetime bans may be gone and things will be chaotic for a short time I think he's about to get a hard lesson on how many trolls the internet really has, how bad some of these people really are and the lifetime bans will return.

On the other hand, he did just cause a mass shakeup that few are talking about.
What does undoing lifetime bans mean to Truth Social and Parler?  Both of those sites have money problems and this just ruined the main reason both of them exist, there's a good chance they won't survive.


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