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How do I Add Multiple Monitors to a mini windows PC.


I want to upgrade my PC, I need that new faster cpu benchmark and can use my old one to update my DVR which is not really working out as a transcoder I am now needing. I want to go smaller on my desktop now. I have a couple older NUC's in the motorhome and they are very good options, one of them is really fast as a DVR for traveling. So I would like to move to a really small pc to free up a lot of space around my desk. My quandry is my currrent PC has 3 monitors that are driven by an Nvidia Quadro P400. But I don't know how to drive 3 or 4 monitors from a PC i cannot add a card too. My current Monitors are DVI and have an HDMI female end that plugs into the P400. Is there a docking station that would help with that or display port? I read something about daisy chaining monitors from a DP port, but there wasn't any real info on whats required to do that. Hopefully someone knows of a good write up on getting multimonitors to work from a single hdmi or DP port computer.. Thanks, Bill

Daisy chain ONLY works on DP, and it needs to be a DP port, not an adapter.
On DP daisy chain the monitor needs to support it, this means having at least 2 DP ports on the screen. Then you literally just run one cable to the primary port, and the second cable from second port to the second screen into it's primary port.

Some NUCS and cones have 3 ports,  but beware, often times 1 port is just a clone of the one next to it, meaning you can really only get 3 screens.  This is especially true on older ones such as you have with DVI. You can also get USB to HDMI adapters and such that can work, but the refresh rate may not be so great. Nucs and such are great for basic setups, streaming, etc but they aren't really for power users who need multi screens or gaming.

My advice, since you need 3 screens, would be to build a mini ITX system, you can get a full desktop in something about the size of a toaster (or less in some instances).

I've heard that some Macs don't support daisy-chaining DisplayPort. I dunno about NUC PCs. I might be a good idea to check for that functionality first for the device you're planning to get.

I use 3 1080p (60hz) via a laptop and a USB-C docking station. Which could be a good option. Otherwise if you want 3-4 monitors you are going to need a dedicated GPU that can handle that. I would find a 2060 or similar card that is a short length and build a SFF PC to safe space. Even ITX can be stuff into a tiny box,


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