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Hello everyone,

As many of you may already know I'm clickclack and I run the Clack Factory which feature my custom keycaps, fabricated by me and many a talented and skilled gnome.  ;)

I am an artist whose experiences have been gathered from working in many creative industries, outlets, and mediums. I have applied many of those experiences and skills to these keyboard related works which have in turn evolved into what is an elaborate and perhaps convoluted extension of my original previous artwork.

This forum will serve as a more direct if not slightly more formal connection between myself and those interested in my work. I also hope that this area will gather and ground some of these personal and specific pursuits so they can be realized and enjoyed.

I have chosen to open this forum at the one year anniversary of my keys being publically released (12.2.10), I found that not only a good place marker but a motivational one as well.  You will see the word "motivation" and "inspiration" used a lot in my writings as I feel I subsist mainly off of those two ideas/principles, without which I am just a slug.

As many of you also know my general availability is usually broken into what may seem like tiny useless bits and to some extent that's true, however, I still eventually get back to most everyone. Please be patient and understanding and I will always promise to do the same.

Please feel free to browse the different sections as I will be updating them frequently, enjoy!  =)


p.s.  I am in the midst of posting this forum up so there will be some hiccups and delayed information.




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