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Mac mini CPU upgrade

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A couple years ago when the Apple Intel transition was taking place, I sold my kids' two G4 Mac mini's and replaced it with a Intel Core Solo-based mini.  The performance has been disappointing from the get go...especially with video (ala PhotoBooth, iChat, etc).  I promised the kids I'd upgrade it once CPU prices went down.  

For a couple of months, I've been trying to score a T7200 (2.0Ghz Core2Duo, 4MB) for under $250 on Ebay.  Nothing doing.  So, I just pulled the trigger on a new one from an Amazon partner.  So, it will be at home waiting for me when I'm done here in Iraq...and I can finally upgrade the mini for them.

It is amazing how timeless that mini has been.  If I were to upgrade the CPU today with the T7200, it would be NO DIFFERENT than the currently-shipping mini's that were refreshed this fall.  With the core2duo's being a drop-in replacement for the core solo and core duo's, that has really extended the life of, not only the mini's, but any socketed core duo-based laptop.

The Mini is nice, my girlfriend has a Core Duo, and I have Core Duo MacBook, which really is the same thing. Mine is fully upgraded and hers is stock, and holy crap can I tell the difference (plus I have a slightly faster processor). I plan to keep this 'Book for at least another year because it is still comparable to the current models.

Apple's computers are just kind of that way. I still know a couple cats that rock clamshell G3 iBooks and swear by them.

Whiskey in the Jar-o:
I've got a stock G4 Mini. What I like best about it is how whisper-quiet it is. Getting the monitor to work with it was a total *****, though. Could not get it to recognize my Northgate's touchpad. Ditto for the extra keys on the Cherry Cymotion. But the industrial design is super. I wonder why nobody can match Apple's aesthetics. Sony just released an all-in-one analogue of the iMac and it looks rather lame, IMO. Asus has some cool stuff (they do a lot of work for Apple after all), but it's not quite so refined.

I actually really like the iMac's...I wasn't particularly thrilled with the new models when I first saw them, I think they are growing on me.  And I'm pretty sure that when I get a chance to see one in person, I'll fall in love.  :)

I have a first-gen Macbook (1.83GHz CD) that I recently passed on to my wife the last time I was on vacation (and picked up this thinkpad X60s).  VERY nice laptop.  But, as I've mentioned before...I hate touchpads.  So since I am using my laptop in Iraq primarily without a desk (mostly while sitting in bed with my knees propped up), it is not feasible to use an external mouse.  So, for me, the trackpoint is essential.

It's funny, I bought a laptop so I could be mobile, but I have it at home most of the time, where it's connected to a 19" wide screen monitor and the book stays closed all the time. I only use the laptop aspect of my laptop at school.

I was disappointed at the new iMacs at first, but they have grown on me. They can be made pretty powerful, so that makes them easier to take.


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