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Favorite Mac laptop accessories . . .


Some of my favorite laptop accessories:

Zeroshock laptop sleeve - These are composed of a high-resistance polyurethane foam and provide excellent protection against impact.  I have purchased a total of 3 of these so far (iBook, MacBook, and ThinkPad).  I don't buy a laptop without one of these now.

ShaggyMac screen saver / keyboard cover - These lay on the keyboard and cushion the screen when the laptop is closed; preventing damage, scuffs, and other screen marks created by the keyboard.  They also double as a "professional grade" optical polishing cloth...perfect for cleaning your screen.  Same as with the ZeroShock...these are mandatory for me.

iCurve stand by Griffin Technologies - Raises your laptop up to eye level, provides increased airflow underneath to keep it cool, and just looks cool.  (unfortunately, these are no longer made...glad I bought mine when I did!)


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