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MBP purchase and upgrade items.

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Well, I have decided to go with the 15" MBP (2.4GHz C2D, 256MB vid ram).  I will be purchasing from the Apple Store in Madison once I return home.  In preparation, i have purchased the following upgrade items and accessories:

 - ZeroShock III - 15" Widescreen Notebook Sleeve
 - ShaggyMac Laptop Screen Protector
 - Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand
 - 2 x Transcend 2GB PC2 5300 SoDIMMs (4GB total)
 - Western Digital Scorpio 250GB 5400rpm hdd

I will be ordering the 30" Dell LCD when I arrive stateside and, as mentioned previously, the MBP from the Apple Store in Madison.

I will also be making a trip down to Ikea in Chicago for some office furniture.

Holy cow! is Iraq hiring?



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Pretty much.

I was being facetious.


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