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First entry - 11-4-2015

1. Who could have foreseen such turmoil and conflict between people over a relatively minor incident in this tiny keyboard community?
    I keep looking back at threads, comments and overall sentiment, and find it difficult to find much sense in all of it.

2. Why does Jimmy Johns have to be .5 miles out of delivery range for my house? :(

3. Why do people have to move their car up so you can't get in when you are trying to merge into traffic?

4. Do I still care if Half-Life 3 is coming or not?


1. People are angry over things they haven't thought through completely.

2. I'd deliver to you :) (if its any consolation, dominos moved locations by a couple blocks, so now i'm in delivery range, but not according to their website)

3. These are the same people as #1.

4. It's already out, but only gaben can play it.

Distance is not a problem. So many people like me enjoy your bb usually when u are sleeping. So Good dream, bro.

Jersey Mikes > Jimmy Johns

People be cray.


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