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Da Rewlz-

0) Open to GH members who registered on or before 12.1.15 and have at least 1 whole post. Phew, I hope that wont be too hard.
0.5) I might change the above if my noise cancelling headphones can't neutralize the whining.
1) Begins 2-29-16, Ends 12-25-15. That's why it's the Radnelac people. Deal wid it!
2) No PMs Plz! I will PM the winner(s) with instructions.
3) Prices will range from $LuLz-$Trump.
3.5) Prices and way(s) to enter for each day's item will be posted 1 second to one day or more before the sale opens. #divorce
4) Did I mention no PMs?
5) No PMs.
6) First Class shipping included for domestic, might have to alter that for International (lemme see again)
7) There will be a variety of keys. If you don't like variety, then variety doesn't like YOU!
8) You cannot win more than 3 times. If you got a problem with that, I have an email address for you that I ignore completely.
9) It might take more than a day (less than a week) for me to respond to your win. All I can do is my best, and that best is spread thin.
10) Again, no sexual favors, alcohol, or firstborns accepted for the most part. A combination might work. Edit: Due to a unique misunderstanding, A combination including- "firstborns" will no longer work.
11)  If you cannot understand this info, make a friend. This is a community, if someone can't help you, then reevaluate your life.
12) Ample yet supple

How To Enter:
A) I will open this thread each day, follow the days rules (sometimes simple, sometimes not) and post.
B) I will send you a PM with instructions after you are chosen. May take a day, make take almost a week. I WILL get back to you!!!
C) How to tell if you were chosen- Use your EYEBALLS, it should be painfoooooly obvious.
D) No PMs
E) Don't ask questions unless you win. CUZ AINT NO BUDDY GOT TIME FUR DAT!
F) I have no set time for each days sale. They will occur when I have time and/or when I am properly and comfortably inebriated.
G) If you feel the format of this sale will encourage you to be committed, then please don't enter and please pay no mind. Or if you insist, then please do something invasive with your frontal lobe.


edit - good to see you're back up and running




GEWINNER! 2-29-16 -CC =)


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