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Did you miss out, bro? [OVER]

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I have a few keys on hand available. Priority given to bro-less or if you missed out on the last couple sales.


1. Reply once in this thread and list what you are interested in. List priority from top to bottom (list as many as you like).
2. If you made it in, you will receive a PM with all the details needed to complete the order.
3. You must not have won anything in the last sale

Prices are listed accordingly. Shipping fees are as follows:

CONUS - $8
INTL - $15

List of available things:

Product Name           Product Style               Price   Stem Type
Cherokey                     Blood of the Ancients     $35        Topre
Cherokey                     Earthen                       $35        Topre
Grumpkin                    Toothache                    $35        Topre
Grumpkin                    Toothache                    $35        MX
Lycan                          Feast of Blood              $38        Topre
Lycan                          Bloodlust                     $38        Topre
Vlad (Brototype)           Blue                            $38        MX
Zombro                       Freshly Ded                 $45         MX
Zombro (Brototype)       Blue                           $38         MX

Some Grumpkin MX parts fit a bit tight, and some topre slightly loose.

Thanks for looking :)

GL all :)

mx grumpy pls

Lycan topre feast of blood

zombro blue

edit: thank you bro for doing this :D

Rather than snagging a bro I won't use I'll let someone else claim it. Good luck everyone!


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