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Important Announcement and Updates :D


Hey guys, I want to take some time to keep people up to date with whatís going on with Bro Caps, and to clarify where we are at, what we have planned and where we are heading.

I started Bro Caps 7 years ago as a passion project and fell in love with it, but over time found it incredibly difficult to balance being both a consumer and provider within this hobby.  For a while now I have been taking a step back from the community side of things while I try to understand my place in both the hobby, and within Bro Caps as an entity.

Bro Caps is not a person, I am not Bro Caps (hence my desire to give you my real name here on geekhack). Bro Caps has slowly transitioned over the years to be a business, and because of its organic growth, has slowly taken on valuable individuals to help me realise my vision for what Bro Caps has become, and allow me to seperate myself from the entity in some ways, and balance being both a community member and operating a business in this space.

Some of these people you may already know, like BunnyLake, Originative, etc. I have very recently began working with a sculptor exclusively for new projects. I am collaborating with a very talented individual named Trovarion. We have collaborated on a few recent sculpts for Bro Caps. He is from the world of miniatures, such as Warhammer, and also a superb painter. We have some very exciting things lined up, and we can't wait to share those with you in the coming weeks! (btw, if you like his work, please consider supporting his patreon :D)

But why have I recently started looking outward for help? I simply donít have the time capacity to physically do more than what I have envisioned. I love sculpting and will continue to do so in a capacity where I am able, but we are moving towards a new goal, a new project, and this is a big step towards that goal. You will see more collaborations and projects happening very soon. Though we are working with people on other projects (which will be revealed soon), the production work will, and always will be, done by myself.

Because of how long I have been operating under Bro Caps, itís important to me moving forward to distinguish me as a person, and the brand, separately. So shortly, we will be announcing a rebranding in name as well as diversifying our output, to ensure there is no misunderstanding.

What this means, essentially, is the end of Bro Caps as an entity. Of course itís not disappearing today, but will transition that direction soon. We will still honor all support issues, so no need to worry on that point.

This community was built on collaboration and sharing ideas and skills, and as such I will be moving more towards a contributing role in a larger project with some amazingly talented people, and I canít wait to share with you all whatís coming up during this transitional period.

Please feel free to PM me here or on Slack with any questions or concerns. I am not sure I could keep up with an open thread discussion on it, so I hopefully can answer your concerns and questions as soon as I am able to via PM.

Thanks so much for your support and friendship over the years,

Michael (founder of Bro Caps)


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