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Some resin


Hi there folks, i'm Joel from Gorehound Toys (if any of you are into resin art toys :P)

I've started making Artisans, hand sculpted and hand casted, like i do on my toys. I have my first prototype done, and ready to roll. Hope you people like this sculpt. Any question, recommendation or anything you like to say are welcome.

Some Closeups


I can dig it. I havent ventured into the urban toy scene but I follow some groups. I have some stuff that some might consider that category like some Kidrobot stuff, some Dunnies, etc etc.

I think your skills will translate to artisan caps perfectly. Is thaty your own design? It looks framilar.

Yes, that can be a good entry to the scene, so much good stuff to see. Yes, my own design, but skulls and slime aren't nothing new haha.

Great sculpt, look creepy  :))

I love this!


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