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Which Sets Do YOU Most Desire to See a Rerun Of?

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SA Nuclear Data - Wish I never sold my R1 set!


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--- Quote from: treeleaf64 on Sun, 07 November 2021, 16:56:15 ---Every time I think of a GMK set that should be run, I realize it is ABS and even though I enjoy the color scheme, i cannot deal with the plastic

I guess PBT DCS would be my love. Am ignorant of most DCS except Delftware (which I purchased)

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Infinikey PBT sets feel good as well

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actually good ABS  I would not mind using. 

This is the new 2022 opinion of the TL

MAXKEY Virtual War

1976. Um, could we mebbe do this for the 'ol Model M, too? A guy can dream...

GMK Mizu, GMK Rudy.


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