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New Trays: Eco Friendly and More Compact!

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--- Quote from: GMK_Andy on Tue, 19 May 2020, 15:38:50 ---
--- Quote from: Enemy on Sun, 26 April 2020, 15:58:12 ---I sincerely hope that you make them a permanent storage solution for those keys and not just a shipping aid.

--- End quote ---

Yes, so this is something many people don't understand yet. They are definitely more geared towards being a shipping aid (and we have currently added wrap to make them much more stiff during shipping to prevent the caps from moving at all), and they aren't a perfect long term storage solution yet by any means. It does make sense to continue to look into ways to make them better at long term storage as well though, and something we certainly are looking into.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I just received GMK WoB in the new trays.  I like these trays much more than the old plastic trays.  Are the new trays available for sale sans keycaps anywhere?  I'd love to replace the big, awkward plastic trays from a couple older GMK sets that I own.  Thanks!

New trays only good for feeding the silverfish population..

The old ones lasted for the life of the keycaps, these ones don't even survive shipping. Really eco-friendly when you toss them straight in the bin. Good job on the penny pinching GMK, I'm sure you're crying your heart out over a few disgruntled neckbeards, with all the money from the basic sets everyone and their grandma is running right now.
At least ePBT is still shipping with proper trays.

I wanted to say this:
New trays are ass. Bought jtk trays next day. How is that situation eco friendly? GMK people look at specific case, but overlook context. Btw have old tray and although it is not perfect I love it, cheers to old tray designer team !
What I like about new one is only that its compact, keep that
Thank you for listening. Please change new trays asap.

It is hilarious how everyone was hyped for new trays and how it was big let down. Sadge.

At least make the trays open and close, not hold by cardboard


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