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New Hexgears keyboard with Kailh box white switch


Hi people,

I don’t know if this is a big news or what but I have been noticed by Bella Hwang (Marketing representative from Kailh) that a new keyboard are in stock (1 000 units).

• Dimensions: L 440.8*W 148*H 38mm
• Connection : Wired
• 104 keys
• PBT Doule Floor injection keycap
• Keycap backlit :Rainbow
• Anti-ghost key : all keys
• Kailh White BOX switch(Resistant to water and
• Switch travel distance : 3.6mm±0.3mm
• Weight : Approx .1000g
• Cable length :1.8 M braided cable with gold-plated
• Case material: Aluminium alloy
• Come with English software for RGB version

Supported system : Windows xp/vista/7/8/10

I can't help but wonder who's in charge of their art department..

It's as if they don't have an art department, and they just had Sarah from accounting who's "into photography"  go at it with mspaint..


Kahle make great increment encoders though.. real smooth..

Engineering : 10/10

Art Department : Sarah from accounting

They have a subforum here


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